Our handbag strap is much more than a strap!
A strap is an accessory, but a Daiku handbag strap is more than just an accessory. It becomes both your accessory and the accessory of your bag. Thanks to our wide range of colors, our handmade straps can easily be matched to any of your existing bags. As our straps are interchangeable thanks to our hooks, you can also adapt your bag to your different styles. So, when you wear a Daiku strap, you will be the daily creator of the unique masterpiece you have always wanted to create.

You will also become an ambassador for the unique techniques and high-quality, sustainable materials used by indigenous artisans in northeast Cambodia to produce the straps.


DAIKU Handwoven Handbag Strap

Due to the use of high quality materials, the Daiku Handbag strap is strong and sturdy to be worn on a daily basis. Thus, the handbag strap will provide you with maximum comfort, even over long periods of use. Sturdy hooks attached to the handbag strap allow you to swap it with another as often as you like, to match your everyday look perfectly. The handbag strap is 105cm long and is also available in two different widths to better fit with your bag as well as your shoulder. Daiku handbag strap is also available in diverse patterns and colour combinations, featuring the traditional Tampuan design. 

• Black/white leather tabs
• Strong solid hooks – Silver, Gold or Brass
• Width: 6cm
• Length: 105 (end-to-end, including clasps/hooks)
• Bag not included